Made in Britain

To minimise our carbon footprint and support the local economy, we try to purchase our materials locally.  We use British foundries and machinists for the bought in components of our own manufactured products.

Saving our oceans,
one valve at a time…

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. So, not only do our specialist range of valves improve health and safety whilst saving our customers money, but they also prevent oil leaks and therefore protect the environment… And did we mention we do beach clean ups too.

Preventing pollution,
during train diesel filling…

AMS-IAC manufacture a range of filling valves and couplings for the rail industry to prevent diesel spillages during the filling process.  We have produced a range of free training videos to assist customers with self maintenance, to increase the products lifespan and reduce ownership costs.

Increasing safety, with
tank overfill protection systems…

Using our knowledge of instrumentation and control products we have put together a range of level control systems, selecting fit for purpose solutions rather than promoting unnecessary specification developments…. Ensuring safety and good value.

Our specialist range of instrumentation and control



To reduce waste, extend product lifespans, we design and manufacture products that are built to last, maintainable and repairable. This gives the added benefit of a lower cost of ownership.

Control Valves

Control Valves

Control Valve

Our range of mechanical valves were designed to tackle pollution, prevent waste and make remote installations safer. They can be used as a last line of defence backing up existing electronic technology or on their own.

Control Systems

Control Systems

Our range of control systems focuses on the utilisation of instrumentation and control panels to help companies improve safety and prevent harm to the environment.


C&I Fabrications

Image of instrument chambers to show fabrication capability

To improve safety and reliability of installations and make it easier to maintain and replace instruments, we produce a range of fabrications that allow isolation and protection of instrumentation and control products.



Instrumentation and control services image

To prevent unnecessary waste, we strive to offer cost effective services that maintain and re-life the products we provide to maximise their lifespan.



Site engineer on laptop

Guided Wave Radar, or TDR, is one of the most versatile methods of level measurement giving reliable results in both liquids and solids, even in applications with foam, condensation or vapours.

All about us and the industry

About Us

Read all about us & how sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.


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Using instrumentation and control to help you improve safety and protect the environment


We design products that are built to last, maintainable and repairable, to reduce your cost of ownership.  We do not create waste by forcing replacement through obsolescence.


Our range of control valves were designed to tackle pollution, prevent waste and improve safety.  They can be used on their own or as backup to existing electronic systems.


Our design process uses mechanical, electrical and control engineering knowledge to work with your existing infrastructure to meet your safety and environmental needs.


Focusing on C&I applications our in house fabrication capabilities (including ASME IX welding) has an agile workspace, not a production line. This flexibility allows us to deliver engineered solutions quicker.



To reduce costs, prevent unnecessary waste and maximise lifespan, we work with you to help your teams maintain and re-life instrumentation and control products and systems.



Our resources include case studies, training videos and technical documents.  These will be developed to help customers with their application needs and assist them with self maintenance of products and systems.


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Train level measurement, gauges and indicators

To solve a specific problem with access and the lack of height between a fuel tank and the trains body, AMS have modified the head of our approved level sensors to allow fitting in confined spaces. This development also removed the need for the transmitter to be located in a separate box on the side of the tank and allowed the sensor to be wired directly to the indicators, saving significant additional costs in materials and wiring time.

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A selection of clients

A selection of clients