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Intermittent Errors?

For Farmers Ltd had intermittent reading errors with their storage bins.  AMS-IAC worked with their engineers and contractors to solve their problem without needing to replace their equipment.  We designed and built a display panel with signal conditioning between the instruments and SCADA system.

Flexible pricing

A flexible pricing policy also allows us to structure our offering to suit each customers individual budget restrictions, including the possibility of leased systems for customers with fiscal year spending only that allows them to spread costs over multiple years.

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Alarm Panels

Offering relay logic or plc logic alarm panels with lamp or digital display, beacon and sounder options dependent on applications and budgets. 


We supply a range of alarm panels for tank storage overfill prevention, pollution prevention, safety, asset protection and leak detection applications where alarms are required to support manual operations.

The standard packages have been put together with common components that suit a range of applications.  This standardisation allows us to reduce costs and pass on bigger discounts to customers. 

    • Pump Protection
    • Overfill protection
    • Discharge Alarms
    • Pressure monitoring
    • Leak detection
    • SMS or Email alarm options
    • Remote monitoring options

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Control Panels

Our range of control panels have been produced to display process parameters and control processes to help increase the safety and efficiency of industrial operations. 


Solutions can be automated with mechanical or electronic systems with start/stop, on/off, open/close and alarm functions using signals from measuring devices to control pumps, valves and  motors for a range of functions including product levels for ordering and filling, discharge control, interface control, pressure monitoring etc.

In addition to supplying the panels we can provide tailor packages to include instrumentation, fabrications, valves, installation, commissioning, servicing and financing options.

As well as local control we offer solutions with wired retransmission or telemetry based solutions that allow remote server or web based monitoring and text or email alerts.

For more information contact us by email below or call +44(0)1726 839 909.

Understanding Basic Magnetic Reed Switch Operations for Float Switches

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Types of Float Switches

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Train level measurement, gauges and indicators

To solve a specific problem with access and the lack of height between a fuel tank and the trains body, AMS have modified the head of our approved level sensors to allow fitting in confined spaces. This development also removed the need for the transmitter to be located in a separate box on the side of the tank and allowed the sensor to be wired directly to the indicators, saving significant additional costs in materials and wiring time.

Train level measurement and control

Advances in the way instrumentation can be powered due to processing capabilities at reduced power levels, combined with the ever-continuing miniaturisation of electronics capability, has created the opportunity for rail companies to consider more modern electronic/digital technology as an alternative to the traditional methods for level measurement.

RCV 2 Inspection

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