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GRP I Float Switch Approval

Our quality systems and float switch designs have been approved to ATEX GRP I for hazardous mining applications.  This means our explosion proof level switches meet the most stringent build requirements when quality matters.

Fuel tank overfill protection

To Protect UK fuel distribution depots from spillages during the filling process, AMS have provided our solenoid operated servo control valve with high level switches and alarm panels. This ensures operator safety and environmental protection in a hazardous area.

AMS Purchase Cobham Float Switch

In 2008 AMS purchased the Alan Cobham Engineering range of instrumentation and valve products from Meggitt Fuelling Systems in Blandford.  As a result, we continue a 40 year history of manufacturing in the UK from our premises in Cornwall.

Obsolete Float Switch

With square flange, screwed  and standard ANSI flange process connection option, we are able to directly replace any obsolete or difficult to source level switches from TAV Engineering, Mobrey, Magnetrol and other suppliers.

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Engineered Float Switch

The original Cobham float switch, built to last with a st/st body and flange made from one piece of metal from British foundries.  Engineered to order with fast track deliveries available.

OEM Float Switch

Our engineering team design switches for a wide range of needs from miniature switches, borosilicate viewing and sample chambers to lightweight construction and limited space designs.

Industrial Float Switch

Robust and comparable in quality to most manufacturers high end switches.  Flexible options provide versatility with a choice of connections, housing materials and sizes at a very competitive price. 

Float Switch Fabrication

In house coded welders produce fabrications on their own or with switches to suit most applications including side chambers, stilling wells, special brackets and support tubes.

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Types of Float Switches

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How does a float switch work?

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