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Control Engineering Services

Our range of engineered solutions help you measure, monitor and control your processes to improve efficiencies and prevent harm to your people and the environment.

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Control Systems Engineering

Working with you to improve your process.  We use our measurement, monitoring and control system design and build capabilities to increase your safety and improve your environmental impact.


Mechanical Control Engineering

Alarm and Control Panels

Remote Monitoring and IIOT

Control System Design and Integration

C&I Services

Helping you get the most out of your investment, our C&I engineering services can help commission, maintain and re-life instrumentation and control products and systems.


Refurbishment and Repair


Installation and Commissioning

Site Services

C&I Fabrications

Often control solutions di not fit straight into your process.  We specialise in C&I fabrications that work around instrumentation and control products so they fit your needs.


Instrument Chambers and Bridles

Instrument Covers, Brackets and Stands

C&I Pipe Fabrications

 In addition to our manufactured products we also partner with other specialist suppliers that compliment our beliefs. 


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