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Understanding Radar

There are different types of radar measurement technology which can all provide a continuous reading of level in both liquid and solids applications, with some also being used for flow measurement.  Non-contact radar refers to  sensors which do not come in to contact with the medium being measured whilst guided wave radar sends pulses along a cable or probe.  For more info see below or contact one of our engineers.

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Guided Wave Radar

Guided Wave Radar, or TDR, is one of the most versatile methods of level measurement giving reliable results in both liquids and solids, even in applications with foam, condensation or vapours.


AMS Guided wave radar image

Supporting a range of guided waver radars, offering both Vega’s range and our own product, helping you choose the one that suits your  level measurement needs best.  We can also support site preferences or standards for other manufacturers GWR’s, often suppling their radar in a bypass chamber or as part of a complete level control systems.

  • Ammonia Storage Tanks
  • Fuel Storage
  • Interface Measurement
  • Powder Silos
  • Separators
  • Bitumen
  • Liquified Gas

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Non-contact Radar

Non-contact radar provides continuous level measurement by sending a signal from above towards the medium without the sensor coming in to contact with the contents being measured.


Non contact radar image with flanged connection

Radar calculates the level by measuring the time it takes for a signal that is sent by the sensor to reflect from the medium and be received back by the sensor.   This means that the longer it takes to receive the signal back the lower the level.  Advancements in radar technology have reduced costs to enable them to be competitive in applications where ultrasonics were previously used.

  • Unaffected by pressure and temperature
  • Suitable in dust
  • Easy to remove
  • Used in solids and liquid applications
  • Sensors as low as £405.00
  • No moving parts – maintenance free
  • Suitable for aggressive liquids

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AMS-IAC Company Values

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Train level measurement, gauges and indicators

To solve a specific problem with access and the lack of height between a fuel tank and the trains body, AMS have modified the head of our approved level sensors to allow fitting in confined spaces. This development also removed the need for the transmitter to be located in a separate box on the side of the tank and allowed the sensor to be wired directly to the indicators, saving significant additional costs in materials and wiring time.

ATEX approval for level switches and control valves

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ISO9001:2015 Quality Approval

Following a strategic decision to separate the AM Sensors business to allow the Somerset premises to focus on nuclear engineering, AMS Instrumentation and Control ltd have achieved UKAS quality assurance approval for our instrumentation and control, manufacturing,...

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